Market Update

I only see people talking about a rallie, or going to 1010 than a rallie, bla bla bla... I only see complacency in the market, namely VIX that are telling us that are only few people that believe in a sell off... Who is talking about this H&S? So many times bears were f... up that they don´t dare shorting or talking...

Economy is fucked, markets are totally rigged so be carefully... because when the markets catch up reality... it will be 2008 all over again, this time 10 times worse because assholes politics destroyed free markets.

So be prepared for the casualty of the markets sell off hard and don´t look back.

Bear Trap?? or something else...

Today we had no volume day and we keep falling and falling and that is very strange... If tomorrow we fall quickly to 1030 area i will start buying has that point is a strong support one.

My guess is that we are preparing a short term rallie to 1100 area, like the one we saw in early September 2008 before prices colapse. Let´s see if this plays out or we had quickly to 990/1000. I am prepared for both cenarios.

During vacations update

I am on vacations so the updates are minimum. I have some short positions open that i look for on the end of the day. By this point there is no way i will close them, because this is way to bearish. My short term target is on 990/1000 on SP500.

Start Shorting this ridiculous market

Must see video bellow.

Bounce and bye bye?

I have little time because i am packing for another trip. This market is due for a short term bounce, to 1095/1105... For now i am long and in that area i will start open shorts again. Seasonality is very poor for stocks, economics are a scam and stock market configuration way to bearish.