Point of return?

DAX is on a selling spree not seen in years... Has you can see DAX had a fall with more intensity then 2008 and 2001 in terms of MACD Histogram... 25% in 3 weeks i have one word... wtf? now is on a major support so let´s see...

Great Buying Opportunity

Since the creation of this blog I told you what was gonna happen in the economy... Riots and Bankrupcy of certain countries.
When there are certain cenarios politicians will allways try to save their asses and do the wrong thing. So my guess is that politicians again will create other QE3 and with that will lead to a rise on the markets. SP500 will short term to the 1260 mark and then let´s see what will happen. If market breaks 1260 and consolidate above we will see what we saw last 2 years a stronge rallie. If not is that because market will KILL QE3 and 2008 welcome back.

But for now a short term powerfull rallie is expected on the markets, so let´s buy today this market

Update: 11-08-2011 I am adding a chart of nasdaq100 where we can see that a MAJOR Short cover could occur if it breaks 2200 on the upside, because lot´s of short will be trapped again...