All in all chart show us that down we go from here. Politicians resolving problems created for them is a stupid thing and will bring a reality check for the common people because when shit its the fan, the little guy is the one taking the shit.

Protect yourself because this time is not diferent and it´s better be prepared.

So you must be or short or in cash. Buying now is not advised.


The only solution that wil came out from those politicians talking heads is printing more money and add more debt. It´s the only way that these ponzi scheme keeps going.

Adding these fact Gold is near a support level and oversold, so i think it will rise short term. I prefer betting on gold that on any stock at these point.

2008 just all over again...

Take a look @ some charts and take your own conclusions.

Careful with this bullshit

of this market... If you are long in this market do it knowing that this market is totally rigged and controlled by governments and central banks...

We are due for a fall and this time it will be nasty again.So careful.

Nasdaq100 Just completed an up move and now down we go baby...

Ups... Market is broken and the rebound is over

I was wonder why BNP and others were so weak when american markets were strong... today i had the answer...

So this market is on the verge of colapse other 15% at least so be carefull... market is broken and on the verge of breaking down a huge bear flag and with stochastic slow on the overbough zone...

One word: DANGER

Midas Touch - BNP PARIBAS Long

Last months european banks were with huge pressures... BNP PARIBAS was one of them, and since the high value of 2011 it fells 55%... and is near the low values of 2008. 
I identified a good entry point on Bnp Pariba, with great return expectation. Entered today with 3x leverage long so let´s see how this plays out. 

And here we go... DOWN

Markets are very weak, namely Europeans... But American markets are catching up and i think that SP500 are going to 1050/1060 zone before a more strong rebound. 
My guess is that european politicians are going to came up with some kind of TARP program but for Europe which will lead to a strong rallie on financial stocks in some weeks from now, but like the way markets are acting my guess is that we will see DAX @ 4800 and SP500 @ 1050 before that major rallie that i expect due to some kind of "invention" from politics... the same politics that are cluess and fucked up real bad like i and others said that they were gonna do it.

So... my plan for now is keep short DAX index.... When i go long i will add other post.

Point of return?

DAX is on a selling spree not seen in years... Has you can see DAX had a fall with more intensity then 2008 and 2001 in terms of MACD Histogram... 25% in 3 weeks i have one word... wtf? now is on a major support so let´s see...

Great Buying Opportunity

Since the creation of this blog I told you what was gonna happen in the economy... Riots and Bankrupcy of certain countries.
When there are certain cenarios politicians will allways try to save their asses and do the wrong thing. So my guess is that politicians again will create other QE3 and with that will lead to a rise on the markets. SP500 will short term to the 1260 mark and then let´s see what will happen. If market breaks 1260 and consolidate above we will see what we saw last 2 years a stronge rallie. If not is that because market will KILL QE3 and 2008 welcome back.

But for now a short term powerfull rallie is expected on the markets, so let´s buy today this market

Update: 11-08-2011 I am adding a chart of nasdaq100 where we can see that a MAJOR Short cover could occur if it breaks 2200 on the upside, because lot´s of short will be trapped again...

New Highs - Indexes will explode higher again

One thing that i learned is that economy and markets are not the same... We all know that economy is all fucked up, and we said 2 years ago that this situation was going to happen... 2 years ago i and others were insulted and trashed when we said that countries were bankrupt, now that news are made about that topic the same people that insulted don´t tell nothing... But one thing is economy and other are markets... and by charts we can see that this bull run is not over. Take a look @ SP500 weekly... Daily we are due for another bull run. So shorts be aware... turn off the tv and watch only charts. Economy is bad and will be worse before it gets better, but for now the way of markets is up.

And up we go...

With no comments, i let the chart speak for himself.

Million dolar chart

Up we go... sweet spot for q huge buying opportunity.

Update - Bullish configuration

We have a bullish configuration present. Facts:

Too much bearishness
Great Divergences
Completely oversold on daily

Just bought Nasdaq100 @ 2220.

H&S breakdown = short squeeze

Keep the following in your minds... every H&S on S&P500 that was breakdown, few days later major short squeeze... Now everyone again is talking about the H&S, the 1250 value, bla bla bla... Be carefull with shorts.

Long on S&P500, Nasdaq100 and Silver.

Failed move, fast move - UPDATE 19/05/2011

and i think we will go upside and really fast. Politicians are running out of time and they will try again to put the index up and pray to resolve something with that.

Has lot´s of times from the past, from failed H&S we have fast moves on the opposite direction and appears that will be another one.

So, let´s see if market rallies from now until SPX500 @ 1420.


Short the hell out of EURUSD

I have not much time for the past month, but i am writing now because i see a huge opportunity for the short medium term. A short EURUSD...

Everyone hate dollar by now, sentiment on dollar is pretty f... up (and with great reasons) but $USD on daily is doing some pretty inversion candlesticks... I nail 1.4917 today and shorted again lower... have some more orders bellow and let´s ride this trade.

Let´s earn some money.

Red Alert - Huge fall ahead in the markets - UPDATE 13/04/2011

Copper is about to roll over and ES is about to crack... Let´s see what happens tomorrow, but will be an important day.

And everyone bull...

Bullish Sentiment Stampede

Red Alert - Huge fall ahead in the markets - UPDATE

OIL @ 120, wars, nuclear problems, depression, unemployment, etc, etc and markets afloat... BTFD mentality is on the street and fed will save the day too... This market is more danger then ever and it always fail, always did. So be carefull by this point because thing will be nasty.

News highs on OIL in the cards

So... haters are not writing anymore? What just happened? Maybe the long month gains in same indexes wiped out in days? Just keep buying volatility because this isn´t over yet, is just the beginning.

OIL my guess is that a powerful move up is on the cards, there was a relief in prices and now new highs are coming... charts are telling that, what will be the cause the media will write about it.

Carefull in these trading environment... buy and hold with central bankers protection is over and the result is... estagflation.

Big time rallie on dollar coming

For now i am playing a huge dollar rallie... i think that such a rallie is on the cards short term... Charts are telling me that, the pessimism on the air, the positions that specs are taking, for example:

"CFTC: Speculative accounts added further to their net euro long position and did a surprising flip to a net yen long position as per March 1, according to CFTC data released Friday. The non-commercial futures-only (ex-options) section of the CFTC's COT report showed that speculators increased their net euro long to +51,308 contracts up from last week's net euro long position of +45,598 contracts and a marked difference from net short of -45,182 contracts, seen January 11. This is the largest euro long position since January 8, 2008."

I don´t think China bought such amount of treasuries since December if they didn´t knew that dollar will rise big time... I don´t believe it. So i am playing some crosses, like:

Short NZDUSD (this cross is very bearish)
And Long NOKSEK (because of oil)

Maybe is on the cards some move by USA to bring company dollars home, some kind of incentive that will put a power move on the rise of the dollar...

I will leave some charts.