System Alert - Short signals - market downturn

My system just gave sell signal for some forex crosses... AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURUSD, XAGUSD, XAUUSD...

Long @ USDCAD like I said 2 posts ago.

This usually means that indexes will fall too, forex gave the first signals.

So now i am short those forex crosses, ibex30, dax30, nasdaq100. 

Short Idea - Nasdaq100 @ 2855

Long USDCAD is working and my system is 100% long.

Now it will short Nasdaq100 @ 2855 and is predicting the start of a fall.

Trade Setup - Long USDCAD

Chart Bellow

My system was right, i was wrong

in antecipating a move only based in a few signals, and not a 100% signal... then when this happen, is only in the best situation, yesterday was fed doing what it only does, and i lost the hability to mantain the positions due to the extreme weakness of dollar.

I have no trade at these time, and only put them again when system gives me a 100% signal... My system keeps long and with no signs of inverting soon... 

Sorry for the bad trade, but when you try to antecipate the system, shit happens... every time. Lesson for you, a free one.

First signs - and some trades

I return a few days early because i receive some alerts of potencial trades. I will start these account with € 2000 because these way i can show my real trades, but with more assets, then € 500.

There are some signs of exaustion in these uptrend and such bullish sentiment with these kind of news is not healthy. But what matters is what system is indicating, so i start open some shorts, that i will add when all my indicator are on the same page.

I will put the pic here. Once and a while i will put a pic of excel sheet so you can see how these are doing in € terms.

Curto = Short
Longo = Long

Closed shorts of CAC40 and DAX30 @ a loss of €150 because i don´t want to much risk, and signals are not 100% at this time... system continues to give some short signals of exaustion so i will keep the other trades. When i exit i will tell...

Stops - that´s why they are needed

System today inverted @ around 2790, closed position. EURAUD i closed a few moments ago, not because it was stopped, but because i will go on vacations and i will not be here to post signals on time, like today.

So i exit, a trade compensated the other. 

When i came back in 2 weeks i will add more money to the account so i can trade more assets... 500 bucks is kind of short for it.

Until one or 2 weeks. Then i will start this in more real time that today.

Entry Short Nasdaq100 and EURAUD

Start with an account of €500 euros trying to prove that with few euros but with the right strategy one can do it.

Short Nasdaq 6 units @ 2775 and Short EURAUD 12.000 @ 1.2361

When i exit trade i will tell here, when i add other trade i will also say. I don´t plan to add more units in this trade, but it is a possibility.

Midas Trading System

One thing is posting charts and analysis, other is posting the trades that one do... 

I will post my trading signals on the blog, when i enter or exit a trade i will post it, and on the right side i will place the profitability of my portfolio in comparison with S&P500, my benchmark.

During the day i can´t garantee that i will post in real time signals, but my trading system is based in trend trading that last days or weeks so gives flexibility when i post it.

Trades will include indexes and forex. Stocks are not included for now.

Hope you enjoy. This will prove that trend strategy is the correct approach for the markets.