Crashy Markets

Stock markets are about to take a big hit... so carefull stocks longs for now.

I now expect sharp falls on stockmarkets all over the place.

I expect long on Australian dolar, Canadian Dolar, New Zeland Dolar, US dolar, YEN, Gold and Silver.

I expect fall on Euro and Pound.

Living in a bubble until it bursts

I don´t know when it will burst but we are near a good correction for sure. Everything is in a bubble state of mind and price action, so be carefull out there.

Markets will break up resistances

With such money printing all around, and now even ECB will bring it to the table markets are nowhere from falling. They are due for another strong break up.

End of the road

Indexes should turn back, the road is blocked.

Euphory is back - but carefull with the end result

Quadruple divergence...

USD about to enter a rallie mode

USD is been beaten up, it´s time now for a good run, charts said so.

Deja Vu???? Crash time ahead

It seems like it.

Don´t fall in love with QE festival at this point

Right time to Short this market

Markets worldwide are too optimistic and with no worries... But today market are with another gap up, overbought and with significant divergences... seasonality is bad too.

Charts bellow.

Some short setups

Market is on complacency mode... incridible how people are quiet about the danger of the market... good sign for some short setups.

Some crosses are similar to 2008... Long yen vs...

Bónus chart - Short FACEBOOK

USD about to enter a rallie mode

I am seeing a very nice rallie on $USD starting next week...

There are some crosses that are on a sweet point from a bear perspective.

Let´s see bellow some charts.

European Markets - Cya downstairs...

American stockmarkets are giving up and falling. European market are for now strong, but for short time. They will follow the leader and fall with him.

European Markets, see you downstairs.

Markets are very tired

Seasonality and overbought... Professionals shorting and non professionals buying. Insiders selling. Forex giving strong bearish signals... Complacency...

I don´t know from this point if S&P500 can trade above 1700... What i am seeing is that even the bearish blogs are expecting a rise above 1700 and this is not good... I exited my long positions and start shorting. My forex trades (long JPY and USD against some currencies are working).

Bellow is a chart from one of the worst indexes IBEX30, where you can see a good spot to short.

One last Hurray?

One think that could lead to bears giving up and beeing stopped was if SP500 broke 1700 points and spike higher.

That would lead to a short cover and professionals could drop even more to non professionals that will again hold the bag.

For now i am long and will invert above 1700, maybe a spike to 1710/1720.