Dont fall in love with upside..

Nasdaq100 will test and pass lows... 5500/5600 my target short term

This is my idea.


There are no fundamental reason for EURUSD be at 1.14... none... This reminds me the England central bank versus Soros... When BCE stops backing EUR they will suffer massives losses... EURUSD parity here we go.

NASDAQ100 - My vision for the months ahead

This is my vision for Nasdaq100... one last push down, then big rallie, then big fall... My chart will show what i am thinking.

USD is back - Ready to FLY

My strong bet is the return of the USD. Sentiment, fundamentals and tech signals are aligned for a strong rallie of the USD next months, years, that will lead to new highs above 2016 price.

Euro is doomed because ECB will continue and increase the print machine, Japan will kill the yen with the same as ECB, just print notes. I could give lot´s of arguments for my next strong bet, but there are some websites that give that information almost daily. Just place some charts and now USD is siting on a strong support. If it breaks well... that loss is small. But if it rallies and passes some points, wow, that will be a move incredible. 

Off to the races we go

A small correction we had... smaller than i might though but market is what it is.

Some charts that are telling the story. Sentiment is too low and markets believe it or not are oversold on daily.

Long usdjpy, nzdjpy, audjpy, cadjpy, usdtry, usnas100, us500, dax30.

Correction in oil and strenght in yen didn´t bring dow the market a lot... now they are on the way up again, what you think equity market will do? 

Off to the races to new highs we go.

A small correction for another take off - Volatility very soon

Long time without coming here publish something, lot´s of stuff nowadays :)

Last year was a great year, Brexit and Trump rallie did the trick. We are in a rallie that could last years, until the colapse of some major currency, that will happen, because central bankers just keep printing and printing, and only a fall of the currency can stop them. But for now that is not the case and we will see traders putting their money and others in assets worldwide to protect their money. 

I guess that this rallie will stop for now, will correct to test long term supports, induce lot´s of pessimism and then resume for some more years, tick by tick, with algos doing the trick.

Markets are way overbough and due for a natural and healthy correction. Just to simple charts we can all trade them. 

I will try to came more often. Safe and profit trades :)

Nasdaq100 trade closed @ 4162

In 2 weeks 450 points of gains i say was a killing.

Now i am shorting these markets, europeans will drag all of this down.

Update (17/11/2014)

Markets are due for a rapid descent... Japan last night with that awfull GDP and record yen destruction will destabilize the markets.

Be safe and if you don´t short the market, at least be out.