Weekend update

Economical news are all bad and the double dip is a certain. Central Govs trying to avoid the deflation, that is something necessary to our way of living becomes afordable, are pumping and pumping prices... Gas prices, stock prices, etc, etc in order to creat an ilusion and give "confidence". Tha hell the confidence, what i want is that prices adjust to reality, f... morons.

My guess is that, we are going to have a down weak, looking @ theses charts, i shorted nasdaq100 @ 1872 today during that insane pump from the PPT. These market is irrational and will end bad, very bad. The question is when, not if.

I can´t post during this week, so good luck trading in these completely manipulated market.

Look @ the last chart to see the bubbles created by the central retarded bankers. All ended bad and the little guy was left to hold the bag.

ECRI Leading Indicator Plunges Deeper Into Double Dip Territory As Stocks Turn Green

Short the life out of this market

At least for a retracement :) This market is WAY WAY overbought, Extreme optimism about the idiot stress tests and the market near huge resistance points. Shorted the market from these point.

This chart says all about the market

Good luck trading this think used to be a market and now is a playground for some central bankers..

Are you buying this stress tests crap?

You should out of your mind. This stress tests are a joke, because the moment ECB and other central banks stop pumping money to the banks is the moment that they fail... and this is not what a solid company should be...

Today was an happy and buy day, because tomorrow will be a great day again... there is a saying, sell on the news.


Yesterday we had some nice run up and in after hours apple just smoked... bulls were so excited that today would have been a great bull day, but again, the market sold off in face of such apparently good results... not so bull friendly after all.

Listen people, we are fast and furious to the same recession or depression that was postponed by world asshole leaders that put us all into debt for nothing of course.

Look @ the following chart and they all point out for a nice sell off bellow 1000 points soon...

Weekend up - The bear is back and hungry

This market on Friday rolled over where was suppose to do it. I will place some charts where we can see the resistance points and now we could have some nasty downside coming, due to seasonality and extreme bullish sentiment.

We are way worse than 2008 because now states are BANKRUPT thanks to the world insane leaders and their stupid keynesian measures and running to a double dip recession and depression:

ECRI Plunges At 9.8% Rate, Double Dip Recession Virtually Assured - ZeroHedge

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Canal S&P500


After this those who believe in SEC and others alike are total insane. What a SCAM this financial market turned out.

Charts update

Market seems exausted and maybe will start rolling over tomorrow or in a few days. Carefull longs.


So far...

Went short a little to early, but i bought some more today. For now the analysis is doing what was expected, and now i expect a gap and crap for tomorrow.

Let´s see what tomorrow bring us.

Sold longs, buying puts

Later i will post charts but appears that we will have a short opportunity at last to 1040 SPX500. If more serious than we will take out the lows.

One day @ a time in this market.

Long FAZ 15.02, Short Nasdaq100 @ 1822.

This market appears with few upside left, so continue with shorts and will buy more tomorrow.

Contraditory signs

For one side we have divergence on MACD, for the other we have the death cross and lower highs and lower lows. Let´s see what will happen on 1100/1120 zone. My guess is the start of a new sell off, but...

For now i keep my longs on Dax, India and Silver.

Long Silver

Just went long Silver, is on a support and consolidating near resistance. Gold was doing this exact move before explode. Market is due for a bounce due to oversold prices. My guess is that we will go above the cross of ma50 and ma200 before bye bye, has we did in 2007. But for now long DAX and long Silver.

When there is no fear...

... on the break of a nasty H&S there is a great chance of that H&S is for real.

Everyone is buying calls and are thinking that we will rallie hard, killing the bears again. But... when everyone is buying when we break a nasty H&S and everyone continues buying what will happen? So be carefull who is long, because this could be nasty.

Now what?

The question is now what? The regular situation would be, we are oversold and due for a rallie, but what i am seeing is lot of complacency and relax from the bulls and bears that are convinced we are gonna have a rallie to 1100 where they can exit or reload.

The crashs happens in oversold situations and this is getting to similar to the crash of 2008. But, one day @ a time. My guess is that we are going to have some kind of relieve but not what majority expect... not a great bounce, only a small one and before you notice kabumm... But hey, in this rigged market everything is possible.