Weekend update

Economical news are all bad and the double dip is a certain. Central Govs trying to avoid the deflation, that is something necessary to our way of living becomes afordable, are pumping and pumping prices... Gas prices, stock prices, etc, etc in order to creat an ilusion and give "confidence". Tha hell the confidence, what i want is that prices adjust to reality, f... morons.

My guess is that, we are going to have a down weak, looking @ theses charts, i shorted nasdaq100 @ 1872 today during that insane pump from the PPT. These market is irrational and will end bad, very bad. The question is when, not if.

I can´t post during this week, so good luck trading in these completely manipulated market.

Look @ the last chart to see the bubbles created by the central retarded bankers. All ended bad and the little guy was left to hold the bag.

ECRI Leading Indicator Plunges Deeper Into Double Dip Territory As Stocks Turn Green

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