Another flash crash... happening almost every day.

Please read this so you can see what time of market is this... market pumped by fed, banks and hft... passing the ball to each other.

SPY Flash Crashes: NYSE Cancels $500 Million Worth Of Trades

And now apple, that now counts @ 20% of nasdaq (WOW) it´s doing very nice on AH...


 This market is very dangerous... remember that in 2008 market wipe out 4 years of gains in 2 weeks and in April in just a few minutes market wipe out months of rising... this happens when market is pumped by fed, banks and HFT´s... when a market rises more the worst the economic data... one word for that WTF... Be carefull in this market because before you know it things get complicated and you can´t go out.. 

Market is doing the same action as in April, when was pumped everyday a few points, market couldn´t go down every, until in a few minutes panic mode.. i have the tape where the traders were in panic and i bet that will happen again, but this time much worst, the stockmarket will close.

Just adding shorts @audusd and TZA, FAZ, nasdaq100 and SPX500... one day @ a time on each pump, until the reality check...

Remember the post


I think it´s time. American market is only rising like Zimbabwe market is rising, but american people are not zimbabwe people and voices are rising against the fed... 140 BILION dolars in bonus to wallstreet when 1 in 8 people are on food stamps and 1 in 4 children... and trying to induce inflation on a week economy and people starving is not good politics... go go obama.

Good link :

We Got Problems....

Help, I’m Drowning!

So much for the hype... bubble air market

Please, read this article... says it all.

How To Get Wiped Out Trading

Remember that in 2008 market wiped out 4 years of gain in 2 weeks... when the market is pumped artificially long gains stays only on paper. And Obama and Bernanke are destroying american economy. I just don´t know if is on purpose, has they are doing EVERYTHING wrong or they are just incompetent.

IWM has a nice short entry @ this point. I am short since yesterday trought TZA.