The end of bull market on bonds

I will not write a lot because charts speak better than words and everyone knows by now my opinion... Ben and other Central planners are just a bunch of politics bending over the power in place... 20 years of expansion based on credit is coming to an end in some economies such as European and American... and it will end very bad because politicians instead of letting fail who ever it had to fail no... they keep on adding debt and more debt so instead of 2 or 3 countries go bankrupt all of them will give hands and jump on the cliff... what a bunch of MORONS.

Has we can see in these chart, and contrary of what Ben the liar is telling, QE2 is litteraly f... people by rising the yields... Ben tell that QE is for stabilizing... but what is doing is killing bond market and yields are rising in a dramatic way. In these chart we can see what an important level we are aproaching very fast on the 30 year Tbond for example... 115 and when we break it than panic will rise big time because a rising yield and collapsing bond market on a deflationary economy is a disaster... only a fool believes that debt resolves a problem of debt...

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