Big time rallie on dollar coming

For now i am playing a huge dollar rallie... i think that such a rallie is on the cards short term... Charts are telling me that, the pessimism on the air, the positions that specs are taking, for example:

"CFTC: Speculative accounts added further to their net euro long position and did a surprising flip to a net yen long position as per March 1, according to CFTC data released Friday. The non-commercial futures-only (ex-options) section of the CFTC's COT report showed that speculators increased their net euro long to +51,308 contracts up from last week's net euro long position of +45,598 contracts and a marked difference from net short of -45,182 contracts, seen January 11. This is the largest euro long position since January 8, 2008."

I don´t think China bought such amount of treasuries since December if they didn´t knew that dollar will rise big time... I don´t believe it. So i am playing some crosses, like:

Short NZDUSD (this cross is very bearish)
And Long NOKSEK (because of oil)

Maybe is on the cards some move by USA to bring company dollars home, some kind of incentive that will put a power move on the rise of the dollar...

I will leave some charts.

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