Failed move, fast move - UPDATE 19/05/2011

and i think we will go upside and really fast. Politicians are running out of time and they will try again to put the index up and pray to resolve something with that.

Has lot´s of times from the past, from failed H&S we have fast moves on the opposite direction and appears that will be another one.

So, let´s see if market rallies from now until SPX500 @ 1420.


Short the hell out of EURUSD

I have not much time for the past month, but i am writing now because i see a huge opportunity for the short medium term. A short EURUSD...

Everyone hate dollar by now, sentiment on dollar is pretty f... up (and with great reasons) but $USD on daily is doing some pretty inversion candlesticks... I nail 1.4917 today and shorted again lower... have some more orders bellow and let´s ride this trade.

Let´s earn some money.