Ups... Market is broken and the rebound is over

I was wonder why BNP and others were so weak when american markets were strong... today i had the answer...

So this market is on the verge of colapse other 15% at least so be carefull... market is broken and on the verge of breaking down a huge bear flag and with stochastic slow on the overbough zone...

One word: DANGER

Midas Touch - BNP PARIBAS Long

Last months european banks were with huge pressures... BNP PARIBAS was one of them, and since the high value of 2011 it fells 55%... and is near the low values of 2008. 
I identified a good entry point on Bnp Pariba, with great return expectation. Entered today with 3x leverage long so let´s see how this plays out. 

And here we go... DOWN

Markets are very weak, namely Europeans... But American markets are catching up and i think that SP500 are going to 1050/1060 zone before a more strong rebound. 
My guess is that european politicians are going to came up with some kind of TARP program but for Europe which will lead to a strong rallie on financial stocks in some weeks from now, but like the way markets are acting my guess is that we will see DAX @ 4800 and SP500 @ 1050 before that major rallie that i expect due to some kind of "invention" from politics... the same politics that are cluess and fucked up real bad like i and others said that they were gonna do it.

So... my plan for now is keep short DAX index.... When i go long i will add other post.