First signs - and some trades

I return a few days early because i receive some alerts of potencial trades. I will start these account with € 2000 because these way i can show my real trades, but with more assets, then € 500.

There are some signs of exaustion in these uptrend and such bullish sentiment with these kind of news is not healthy. But what matters is what system is indicating, so i start open some shorts, that i will add when all my indicator are on the same page.

I will put the pic here. Once and a while i will put a pic of excel sheet so you can see how these are doing in € terms.

Curto = Short
Longo = Long

Closed shorts of CAC40 and DAX30 @ a loss of €150 because i don´t want to much risk, and signals are not 100% at this time... system continues to give some short signals of exaustion so i will keep the other trades. When i exit i will tell...
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