Japanese YEN ready to fly

Sentiment is extreme bearish on yen right now and yen is way way oversold. We can easily see some positive divergence, like in the past. Fundamentaly Japan is broken, but let´s play short term.

SP500 on the verge of big fall

Everyone is bullish and everything is great. Politicians save the world again... la la la la... charts tell otherwise.

They can control the market short term, long term no and that is when crashs happen.

Agressive Shorts - Forex

AUDUSD @ 1.0504
NZDUSD @ 0.8375
EURUSD @ 1.312
NZDJPY @ 0.729
AUDJPY @0.919
EURJPY @ 114.2

JPY is extremely oversold and sentiment is ultra bearish.
Situation in Europe is very very bad.


Dispite central banks or because of them economy is going to the toilet again.

My charts.