When in doubt

don´t do nothing... the new safe haven appears to be stocks and others risky assets around... bears are extincted... the market can´t fall anymore because central banks just erased business cycles. 

Yes we live in a world where cantral banks and politicians control everything, but that is dangerous because they earn big time on the rise, but earn big time and faster on the fall... beware.

Precious metals, like gold and silver are on a good position now for buying. Even if they correct a little more... excelent. 

So for now on what people should do is with stock profits and others speculative profits just buy gold and silver. Do that favour to you and your children... 

Stockmarket can continue to rise.. zimbabwe stockmarket also rises, argentina also and big time.. you would live there? Think about what central banks are doing and be carefull. Protect your profits at least.