A small correction for another take off - Volatility very soon

Long time without coming here publish something, lot´s of stuff nowadays :)

Last year was a great year, Brexit and Trump rallie did the trick. We are in a rallie that could last years, until the colapse of some major currency, that will happen, because central bankers just keep printing and printing, and only a fall of the currency can stop them. But for now that is not the case and we will see traders putting their money and others in assets worldwide to protect their money. 

I guess that this rallie will stop for now, will correct to test long term supports, induce lot´s of pessimism and then resume for some more years, tick by tick, with algos doing the trick.

Markets are way overbough and due for a natural and healthy correction. Just to simple charts we can all trade them. 

I will try to came more often. Safe and profit trades :)