Again is time to short

Sold ... market is a SELL Big Time

After the call in nasdaq100 in April, that lead to May plunge, here we are, on the verge of another fall, this time might be the big one.

Like Pavlov dogs, everyone thinks that central banks can save this.. why not, it has been like this for some years. But now fundamentals are rising the same as 2007... but only far worst.

There are numerous awesome blogs telling what is going on, i leave only some charts.

But if you are long stockmarket think again... This bubble is far far worse then 2000 or 2008...

Hooo and stockmarket doesn´t rise with falling rate like the morons on social media tells you... They are lying and are a bunch of yes mans.

Nasdaq100 is a SELL

Nasdaq100 is a sell right now... this total insane move will and it must be sold.

Dont fall in love with upside..

Nasdaq100 will test and pass lows... 5500/5600 my target short term

This is my idea.


There are no fundamental reason for EURUSD be at 1.14... none... This reminds me the England central bank versus Soros... When BCE stops backing EUR they will suffer massives losses... EURUSD parity here we go.