This remember me 2008 crash

This could get very ugly very quickly. Everyone was expecting, me included until yesterday a rallie to 1100/1110. Of course market didn´t care and plunge. Now what i see is that everyone is talking about 1040 that will lead to a new rallie... Which i doubt due to the mm50 and mm200 crossed in some indexes and valuable stocks.

Take IWM for example, this is a very weak chart and the break of 60 will give a 50 target easy. This situation with HFT´s and easy money Central Banks are distorting the markets and usualy the reality checks are painfully.

There is a BUDA phrase that said it all. The truth is painfull in the begining but sweet in the end. A LIE is sweet in the begining and painfully in the end. AND LIES IS WHAT THE POLITICIANS AND FED´S ARE SAYING ALL THE TIME ALL THE WAY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The lie of 2009 and the reality check of 2010 and so on.

And a video from an american HERO.

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