Watch out bellow...

I people, hope you did fine these days. Today the market showed how fragile it is and Dow Jones couldn´t capture 10.000 points. Nasdaq100 is also very weak and had lost an important level.

Fundamental and Technical this market is due for a huge fall, and has you can see we have no significant supports until the 900 area. Let´s look if the robots will go crazy and crash this market once again :) It will be fun to watch (and profit).

I will leave some charts, that are more telling than a thousand words.

This market has lost some important support and the next 2 days are the 2 more bearish days of the week... How nice...

I leave one question... How tha hell someone listen the FED and Bernankes of the world? They are liars and/or Stupids. They don´t know jack about economics and only work for corporates. It makes me crazy someone give credibility to these guys and listen what they have to say. THEY WERE WRONG ALWAYS... someone please stop this madness.

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