Some charts - RUT and Nikkei

Nothing to add, just some charts... markets keep holding on no volume and some mini flash crash on Europe open.. nothing to see, came along.

Happy Holidays - Enjoy

Because January and next year is gonna be wild... Everyone buying here it must be nuts... Now the only one buying these market and keep it afloat is the FED and others of the same gang... When they don´t let market adjust and admite they are rigging the game... the adjustment will be a killer... Be carefull with these market because when fed pulls the plug and that will happen on free will or not watch out.

Nasdaq100 update

Well... this just keep rising and rising, until it don´t. Bernanke is keep this market rising, and all commodities as well and while the markets rise more families starve... thanks bernanke... for putting millions in starvation.

Next year unemployment will EXPLODE because companies can´t keep firing people supporting the fall of margins, so next step is terminate the company...

EUR/USD just keep sliding which is great for nasdaq100 companies export to europe, Bonds just keep falling which is great for usa economy because yields rise.. the world is fucked up.. big time... hope all of you survive what´s coming next 2 years. Give regards to bernanke when things get real bad.

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EUR_USD just went crazy and 200 pips if few hours... and in the time when politics from Europe appeared on a photo all smile telling that they will protect euro haha... hilarious.

BTW Vix just hit new low and is telling that nothing is happening in the world. Central bankers are killing free markets and will induce a HUGE CRASH in the system... nowadays no one can protect itself because bonds and stocks will colapse same time and in previous years those assets were disconnected.

So... bet on volatility because January will be a funny month.

Things are getting complicated

Just when S&P500 hit 61.8% fibo yields start exploding higher. Some crooks tell on tv that is good for stocks. Are those guys on drugs or what? When you have a consumer based economy like usa, with credit blowing up with lower rates what you think will happen now they are exploding higher, thanks to helicopter ben and other alike? Do the math...

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The end of bull market on bonds

I will not write a lot because charts speak better than words and everyone knows by now my opinion... Ben and other Central planners are just a bunch of politics bending over the power in place... 20 years of expansion based on credit is coming to an end in some economies such as European and American... and it will end very bad because politicians instead of letting fail who ever it had to fail no... they keep on adding debt and more debt so instead of 2 or 3 countries go bankrupt all of them will give hands and jump on the cliff... what a bunch of MORONS.

Has we can see in these chart, and contrary of what Ben the liar is telling, QE2 is litteraly f... people by rising the yields... Ben tell that QE is for stabilizing... but what is doing is killing bond market and yields are rising in a dramatic way. In these chart we can see what an important level we are aproaching very fast on the 30 year Tbond for example... 115 and when we break it than panic will rise big time because a rising yield and collapsing bond market on a deflationary economy is a disaster... only a fool believes that debt resolves a problem of debt...

ECB just buy and buy

Central bankers are out of control and are taking actions like any other politic... the solution is just buy and buy... and of course this will end bad because we are in the end of expansion based on credit.

Fed is killing economy and people because is inducing inflation which lead companies to fire people. The next step is companies go bankrupt... 2011 will be a year of super rising unemployment thanks to central bankers assholes.

I am back

I was out on work and then vacations... I hope all of you did well in this crazy markets. Start Posting very soon. Thanks to all.

Rebound of the dollar

FED and bernanke are trying to kill the dollar, but americans in general and the rest of the world are loosing their patience... 

I don´t know what will happen, but i believe more voices will stand up against the aberration that are central banks. For now i will bet on the rise of the dollar.

To take advantage of this probably i will short eur/usd... or xau/usd.

 Countries going bankrupt, states going bankrupt, companies going bankrupt and sentiment is on extreme... how nice stockmarket play out.

Another flash crash... happening almost every day.

Please read this so you can see what time of market is this... market pumped by fed, banks and hft... passing the ball to each other.

SPY Flash Crashes: NYSE Cancels $500 Million Worth Of Trades

And now apple, that now counts @ 20% of nasdaq (WOW) it´s doing very nice on AH...


 This market is very dangerous... remember that in 2008 market wipe out 4 years of gains in 2 weeks and in April in just a few minutes market wipe out months of rising... this happens when market is pumped by fed, banks and HFT´s... when a market rises more the worst the economic data... one word for that WTF... Be carefull in this market because before you know it things get complicated and you can´t go out.. 

Market is doing the same action as in April, when was pumped everyday a few points, market couldn´t go down every, until in a few minutes panic mode.. i have the tape where the traders were in panic and i bet that will happen again, but this time much worst, the stockmarket will close.

Just adding shorts @audusd and TZA, FAZ, nasdaq100 and SPX500... one day @ a time on each pump, until the reality check...

Remember the post


I think it´s time. American market is only rising like Zimbabwe market is rising, but american people are not zimbabwe people and voices are rising against the fed... 140 BILION dolars in bonus to wallstreet when 1 in 8 people are on food stamps and 1 in 4 children... and trying to induce inflation on a week economy and people starving is not good politics... go go obama.

Good link :

We Got Problems....

Help, I’m Drowning!

So much for the hype... bubble air market

Please, read this article... says it all.

How To Get Wiped Out Trading

Remember that in 2008 market wiped out 4 years of gain in 2 weeks... when the market is pumped artificially long gains stays only on paper. And Obama and Bernanke are destroying american economy. I just don´t know if is on purpose, has they are doing EVERYTHING wrong or they are just incompetent.

IWM has a nice short entry @ this point. I am short since yesterday trought TZA.


Markets everyone agree are totally broken. The solution is trading according to POMO operations, because easy money cames @ the market ramping stops. It´s the only thing that ramp stocks nowadays, so in POMO days we go long, others days short the market. My guess is that maybe we go up some more, bringing even more bullish to the market and then... 

Look @ this picture, seems to be a H&S inverted.. if we broke to 2055/2060 the rest of the bears will be afraid and out of the market, the rest of the bulls will go all in thinking wow this is unstoppable... but think again.

Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (H&S Edition)


...yourself for the coming of the lord...

"BULLET: JAPAN: Nikkei News item on intervention says that....
JAPAN: Nikkei News item on intervention says that intervention today
topped Y2 trillion, about $23.5 bn, though they don't say where they got
that figure from. The amount is slightly larger than the $15-20bn
estimates we had been hearing during the day and Nikkei notes that it
ranks as the largest single day's intervention on record by the BOJ ."

I am sorry for the language, but what a fuck are central banks doing? Please someone abolish them... they are worse then a nuclear bomb for the economy. These politics and other crooks are OUT OF CONTROL and bankrupting us... someone, please, PLEASE stop those guys...

Just keep adding short @ these levels. Tomorrow morning will add some more.

Game over

And in a month that use to be bear, such a rallie... Just keep betting on the upside, please do it bulltards... before you know it, market crashs...

Just keep believing in what fed and other crooks tell you. It was great in the past wasn´t it?

What a beautiful bat formation...

Today something happen. Long time since they didn´t appear, but today was the day. Someones came under a rock and just insulted me and the profets of doom... How wonderful these people are... just today that they are making money, or went positive for a long time, feeling good, what they do? They insult other people... the welfare for them is tossing others, i have to tell you, i have sorry for them, for beeing so low lifes and sad people.

But these guys showing up, with such confidence that their political crooks friends saved the world, are telling that maybe the top is in... and when the market starts rolling down again they will disappear, praying for some miracle.

We are not doctor dooms you sorry asses, we just are trying to open the eyes of people in order to put the world on the right track... If you want to insult someone insult the politics and other crooks... or maybe you are the politics or their friends...

Queria dizer uma coisa. O facto de estarmos pessimistas na economia há algum tempo e as nossas previsões se concretizarem não quer dizer que queiramos isso... chamarem profetas de desgraça por falarmos de um assunto importante e tentarmos ir além das mentiras dos governos devia ser benéfico e com isso as pessoas exigirem aos governantes a verdade, mas ao invés, chamam profetas de desgraça pois devem pensar que desejamos o que se passa... nada mais longe da verdade, pois o facto de nos esforçarmos para dizer as coisas como elas são somos das poucas pessoas que realmente querem mudar isto. Se vocês vissem o vosso filho beber que nem um louco e querer conduzir não vão tentar impedi-lo''??? ou ao invés vão-se chamar profetas da desgraça? Reflictam.

Weekend charts update

I think that we have no more upside from here... There are again to much bullish on the markets across the board and the economic situation is everday worse. But everyone that take his own conclusions. I place 2 charts that i think are on sweet spots for a fall from here.

Looks like 2008 all over again...

This market is due for a crash soon... bullish sentiment is on the roof although the world is on the verge of colapsing trough debt... but people don´t care and just keep buying because the fed is pumping the markets... And when the fed crash the market because they will, they need, the exit will be too small.

Start shorting the market today.

Bat formation?

My guess is that or we are done going up or just a small upside, maybe 1120/1130 before we see a major downside movement. I will start adding short positions starting tomorrow. Hope that tomorrow morning here in Europe people start buying excited i don´t know why, which will give me nice price entries for the rest of the month. I will start shorting CAC40, IBEX30 and some S&P500. EUR/USD, AUD/USD are on the cards too.

Market Update

I only see people talking about a rallie, or going to 1010 than a rallie, bla bla bla... I only see complacency in the market, namely VIX that are telling us that are only few people that believe in a sell off... Who is talking about this H&S? So many times bears were f... up that they don´t dare shorting or talking...

Economy is fucked, markets are totally rigged so be carefully... because when the markets catch up reality... it will be 2008 all over again, this time 10 times worse because assholes politics destroyed free markets.

So be prepared for the casualty of the markets sell off hard and don´t look back.

Bear Trap?? or something else...

Today we had no volume day and we keep falling and falling and that is very strange... If tomorrow we fall quickly to 1030 area i will start buying has that point is a strong support one.

My guess is that we are preparing a short term rallie to 1100 area, like the one we saw in early September 2008 before prices colapse. Let´s see if this plays out or we had quickly to 990/1000. I am prepared for both cenarios.

During vacations update

I am on vacations so the updates are minimum. I have some short positions open that i look for on the end of the day. By this point there is no way i will close them, because this is way to bearish. My short term target is on 990/1000 on SP500.

Start Shorting this ridiculous market

Must see video bellow.