Strong Sell EURJPY and Nikkei

After elections in Japan bear will be back soon... Charts tell that story. So strong sell EURJPY @ 111and Nikkei @ open tonight open, probably @ 9800.

S&P 500 - Cya @ 1070

I have a very bearish target on S&P500 - 1070.

We are going to have a reality check soon...

Rising wedge target 1070 and 50% fibo retrace 1070... nice.

Market in DANGER zone

Without comments i present some chart that should concert bulls... My take is short side and things could become nasty on the downside.

System Alert - Short signals - market downturn

My system just gave sell signal for some forex crosses... AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURUSD, XAGUSD, XAUUSD...

Long @ USDCAD like I said 2 posts ago.

This usually means that indexes will fall too, forex gave the first signals.

So now i am short those forex crosses, ibex30, dax30, nasdaq100. 

Short Idea - Nasdaq100 @ 2855

Long USDCAD is working and my system is 100% long.

Now it will short Nasdaq100 @ 2855 and is predicting the start of a fall.

Trade Setup - Long USDCAD

Chart Bellow

My system was right, i was wrong

in antecipating a move only based in a few signals, and not a 100% signal... then when this happen, is only in the best situation, yesterday was fed doing what it only does, and i lost the hability to mantain the positions due to the extreme weakness of dollar.

I have no trade at these time, and only put them again when system gives me a 100% signal... My system keeps long and with no signs of inverting soon... 

Sorry for the bad trade, but when you try to antecipate the system, shit happens... every time. Lesson for you, a free one.

First signs - and some trades

I return a few days early because i receive some alerts of potencial trades. I will start these account with € 2000 because these way i can show my real trades, but with more assets, then € 500.

There are some signs of exaustion in these uptrend and such bullish sentiment with these kind of news is not healthy. But what matters is what system is indicating, so i start open some shorts, that i will add when all my indicator are on the same page.

I will put the pic here. Once and a while i will put a pic of excel sheet so you can see how these are doing in € terms.

Curto = Short
Longo = Long

Closed shorts of CAC40 and DAX30 @ a loss of €150 because i don´t want to much risk, and signals are not 100% at this time... system continues to give some short signals of exaustion so i will keep the other trades. When i exit i will tell...

Stops - that´s why they are needed

System today inverted @ around 2790, closed position. EURAUD i closed a few moments ago, not because it was stopped, but because i will go on vacations and i will not be here to post signals on time, like today.

So i exit, a trade compensated the other. 

When i came back in 2 weeks i will add more money to the account so i can trade more assets... 500 bucks is kind of short for it.

Until one or 2 weeks. Then i will start this in more real time that today.

Entry Short Nasdaq100 and EURAUD

Start with an account of €500 euros trying to prove that with few euros but with the right strategy one can do it.

Short Nasdaq 6 units @ 2775 and Short EURAUD 12.000 @ 1.2361

When i exit trade i will tell here, when i add other trade i will also say. I don´t plan to add more units in this trade, but it is a possibility.

Midas Trading System

One thing is posting charts and analysis, other is posting the trades that one do... 

I will post my trading signals on the blog, when i enter or exit a trade i will post it, and on the right side i will place the profitability of my portfolio in comparison with S&P500, my benchmark.

During the day i can´t garantee that i will post in real time signals, but my trading system is based in trend trading that last days or weeks so gives flexibility when i post it.

Trades will include indexes and forex. Stocks are not included for now.

Hope you enjoy. This will prove that trend strategy is the correct approach for the markets.


Chart tells it all... I expect a crash soon.

A good time to short - Double top

Lot´s of resistance here on markets, and complacency very high. Problems are not solved, just kick the can strategy by politicians like always...

Reality will set in in a high fashion style.

Short ES 1420 - Target 1150

Short IBEX30 7500

Short EURUSD 1.2460

Silver ready to plunge hard

Lot´s of reasons for that, but chart tells it all.

IWM - Strong sell signal

Markets are due for a strong correction... this upside was fake and only liquidity driven, nothing more. Fundamentaly this market is broken and nothing is fixed.

We have a market use to central bankers intervention and this is bad, very bad, because central bankers turn market addicted to easy money.

If you don´t like to short the market, please stay away from it because things will get ugly.

Example of one of the elephants in the room:

AAPL The new bubble stock

Never though i would say this, but AAPL is on a BUBBLE MODE.

Don´t buy this stock @ these levels, sell it or short it. AAPL worth 4 times new zeland or 3 times poland? Worth more than the entire retail sector on USA?

I have just one word for this... WTF!!!?!?!?!?

I am shorting these bubble right here right now @ 592. I am not going to wait for 600.

Nasdaq100 will crack big time due to these bubble ending. AAPL = NASDAQ100 and when appl cracks nasdaq100 will DIE.

Extend and pretend

is all what politicians do and know how to do it... but the money printing is skyrocketing oil for example which combined with austerity measures is an explosive mix for recession...

Those who believe that we are not going to enter in a huge recession are lunatic... we are in a huge recession due to central bankers measures that are skyrocketing inflation on one hand and on the other hand the salaries are beeing cut off...

I have an advice for people, get out of your longs on the markets, because what you saw last august was the warm up... When this fake liquidity induced by central crookers ends, if you are long bye bye.

I am not long but short for now officialy on nasdaq100, eurusd, audusd, nzdusd, dax30, cac40, SP500...

I don´t believe this rallie continue, forex is giving the signal...

BTW apple stock worth more then some countries... twice poland?? almost 4 times new zeland? I say WTF... Apple stock another example of irracional exuberance... APPLE stock is not a buy candidate here, is cleary a short candidate.

Dow Jones - A simple chart

Labor market in USA, just one word - SHIT

This labor report was good for the news, but in reality was plain and simply a piece of SHIT.

I don´t buy this rallie, i am selling it.

Short Nasdaq100 @ 2457

This chart tells everything... Sentiment is bullish on extremes for 4 weeks on a row and these is a bearish configuration chart. I leave it to you analysis...


We now have great short setups on some markets... Bull (shit) complacency is on the SKY and indexes are running on fumes. Huge divergence between EURUSD and Nasdaq100 for example which will adjust accordingly soon and fast.

I present some charts for example of some trading ideas that will soon (i think tomorrow after another bull (SHIT) american report takes place).

I have shorts on EURUSD some time now and i am adding nasdaq100 shorts, NZDUSD shorts and others. Prepare yourself for fast dowsize moves.