Tomorrow we will dinner in hell

I want to warn some people that are relax and enjoying the buy the dips scheme to be carefull in the next few days. Market is very heavy and the so called secret weapon plan from Europe was nothing more than what USA done last year, that lead to super debt. The so called plan in nothing more than a disgusting keynesian plan that is trying to solve a debt problem with more debt... we all know what this will lead us. Bankrupcy of course, because Ponzi Schemes are Ponzi Schemes, and they all end bad, period.

Forex is telling a lot about the plan and about what politicians are doing, blaming the speculator, but the speculators are the politicians, that are gambling with our money, throwing it to the air, praying for something good to happen. Big time BS...

Gold and Silver are too telling the same story, and i present a silver chart, that i think is on the verge of explode... compare the GLD chart and SLV chart and voila.

Now the indexes, today were testing the 55 and 21 EMA and was an awesome opportunity to short, because next time, i guess tomorrow, that we will break 1140... we will dinner in hell.

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