What happened? Robots short circuit

In the afternoon here in Europe i started felling the market strange, with no strenght, so i had created a post about this and for betting on the short side. Surprise surprise... market crashed.

Now the explanation is tottaly idiot, and hope no one believe it (human error) Human error alright, but an error by politicians and their keynesian world of fairytales. The true cause was about the robots, and HFT, good article about this.

Now what? My guess is that with this fall we just started the next phase of bear market, where 2008 was a day in the park, compliments for all the governments that bankrupt the system, with their briliant ideas.

Nasdaq100 curious that 2060 was the inversion point and the start of the fall and 1712 was a support in January of this year.

Some good reading, about this crazy day that will be remembered. But in these new bear market, more volatile days will happen and with falls more intense.



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