Update - 11-05-2010

Here in Europe politicians are tottaly insane. Almost 1 trillian euros for jerking around? haha. Only on the politicians heads you fight debt with extra extreme debt. They are tottaly insane and by these path euro zone will be destroyed in a few years.

Who tha hell gave permission for politicians toying with our money? When they destroy this money what are they gonna do? Stop this madness.

ECB Pulls Bazooka... Did They Shoot THEMSELVES?

The ECB Learned Nothing From Us

Technical speaking markets were due for a rebound and what a rebound... Glad that during the weekend liquidity is your best friend. Now we are overbought again near the 1150 spot, and these is an important level of support. Last week the lost of these value lead to a nice crash.

EUR_USD is very dangerous and developing a very bearish pattern.

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