This remember me 2008 crash

This could get very ugly very quickly. Everyone was expecting, me included until yesterday a rallie to 1100/1110. Of course market didn´t care and plunge. Now what i see is that everyone is talking about 1040 that will lead to a new rallie... Which i doubt due to the mm50 and mm200 crossed in some indexes and valuable stocks.

Take IWM for example, this is a very weak chart and the break of 60 will give a 50 target easy. This situation with HFT´s and easy money Central Banks are distorting the markets and usualy the reality checks are painfully.

There is a BUDA phrase that said it all. The truth is painfull in the begining but sweet in the end. A LIE is sweet in the begining and painfully in the end. AND LIES IS WHAT THE POLITICIANS AND FED´S ARE SAYING ALL THE TIME ALL THE WAY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The lie of 2009 and the reality check of 2010 and so on.

And a video from an american HERO.

Reloading Shorts - This market is very weak

This market is building energy for the next leg down that could be very nasty. Look @ the chart, where we can see the bear consolidating we are doing in these values.

Some forex are leading the way, and the way is down down.

Bearish consolidation

We are doing some nice bearish consolidation near the lows... Me not liking.

Rallie for today?

This pattern suggests that we are gonna have a rallie today. Look @ this chart.

This market is damn too weak

Very weak... let´s see if the close will be in sell off mode.

The path i think markets will do short term

We are oversold and due for a small bounce, bringing more buyers for this rigged market, before it crashs. The economy is going to crash itself because all the stimulus that Keynesian ASSHOLES like krugman like only bring more debt that is poison for an economy. This Ponzi scheme that is borrow and spend is coming for an end and thanks to the politicians it will be painfull.

One thing that i liked a lot was the woman called Merkel told Obama to piss off, we are not going to spend more, we are going to save. Maybe for that reason DAX is one of the few index on the green this year.

This market is way too dangerous and anytime could crash hard. There are no positive news on the economy and a double deep is GARANTED. I will leave you with some charts.

More 2 questions...

What you think will happen when this level breaks and how long you think will takes to this occur?? Here in Europe the lies continue, now with the stress tests charade. Who tha hell trust the ones that caused this crises?

I have only two questions

Where is the volume and how can anyone with rational mind trust this rigged market? Good luck trading.

This thing (used to be a stockmarket) update

This thing that used to be a market is entering the final stage of bullshit. This ramp up with no volume in the end of the day is about to be stopped and the reversal could be nasty. Retail sails were a complete desgrace and this thing called economy will sink hard.

Look @ the chart where you can see huge huge resistance, EMA´s and other resistance points. This ramp up with no volume seems to be distribution. Next week should be interesting, and astrological speaking there are some conjunture never seen decades ago.

I will leave you with one chart.

Watch out bellow...

I people, hope you did fine these days. Today the market showed how fragile it is and Dow Jones couldn´t capture 10.000 points. Nasdaq100 is also very weak and had lost an important level.

Fundamental and Technical this market is due for a huge fall, and has you can see we have no significant supports until the 900 area. Let´s look if the robots will go crazy and crash this market once again :) It will be fun to watch (and profit).

I will leave some charts, that are more telling than a thousand words.

This market has lost some important support and the next 2 days are the 2 more bearish days of the week... How nice...

I leave one question... How tha hell someone listen the FED and Bernankes of the world? They are liars and/or Stupids. They don´t know jack about economics and only work for corporates. It makes me crazy someone give credibility to these guys and listen what they have to say. THEY WERE WRONG ALWAYS... someone please stop this madness.


Hi there people. Thanks for the e-mails. I had 1 week vacation in France, had lot´s of fun and now i am back. Tomorrow i will post. Hope you are enjoying the market, this is just the beginning.