Some charts update

ndexes are on a point where they can fall big time. Look @ the charts. Let´s see how this week bring to the markets, but loosing their support it will be fast.

Trading Setup - Long XAGEUR

Has i think that Silver will skyrocket and Eur will keep falling due to crazy politics where in Europe that will eventually lead to a break up in the eurozone, i bet XAGEUR will be a good asset to be in our portfolio.

Look @ the chart and you will see what i mean. Just breakout the 13.65 level, a very strong one has you can see. Now that has tested with success that level, and stochastic slow has relieved a lot, i think is time to get in on board because it has a target in the 20´s... almost 50% gain in this cross.

Crash ahead? Update 26-05-2010

Today they tried to push Djones above 10.000 and today they failed. We will gonna have 2 days of extreme volatility, but one thing is almost garanteed... What a nasty black monthly candle...
Daily we are consolidating near lows, and for example Dow Jones is ultra bearish because it closed bellow mm200 days for 4 days in a row and now closed bellow 10.000.

Indexes now are overbought on 4 hours charts and near supports very importants... When they fail, it will be nasty.

Crash ahead? Update 25-05-2010

Today the market result was a lack of strenght... This market is on the verge of a big fall, and some forex currencies are leading the way. I am short in some currencies, i will put the chart in here, so you can see the patterns and the bear consolidation. When EUR/USD breaks 1.2320/1.23 bye bye market and the intervention from last week didn´t produce nothing, of course.

Crash ahead? Update

When we break bellow Friday´s low, watch out bellow. Monday bullish? I see a dangerous monday, because everyone thinks every monday will be bull... Be very carefull on this rigged market, it´s very very dangerous.

Crash ahead?

This market is very danger and more dangerous has day passes. Politicians are trying to manipulate the markets, but this only delays the inevitable and when the market adjusts there is a huge and large adjustment.

Bailouts of bankrupt companies is insane and are bringing bad times to the companies and people that behave good during the hooo yesss times.

Look @ the S&P500 chart for example, that pattern is very bearish and when it breaks... black swan event probably and many wrong buttons pushed.

Bear Formation - Broadening Pattern

Great week of trading it was. The analysis did well and markets are catching up with reality, since the money is running out to support artifically the markets.

S&P500 is doing a Broadening Formation, a bear pattern, and when it breaks, there will be another wrong push button BS excuse.

Have a great weekend.

Volatility ready to explode again

After that awesome run up from volatility we had some consolidation above EMA21, EMA50 and EMA233. EMA21 crossed EMA50 and is almost crossing up EMA233...

Look @ the chart, it´s all there. Great chart that i am putting in here:) Go Go VIX.

Market Update - 12-05-2010

Markets continue to rise without volume at all. Computers buying between them and prices keep rising. Welcome to skynet market.

We are testing MA´s 50 and 20 so everything can happen, the next two days will be important.

I will place 2 charts from SPX, one mine other from Cobra. Other chart is from EUR/USD where we can see forming a H&S... Don´t know how this market keep beeing pumped if these currencies are so weak... namely nasdaq. Robots won today, let´s see tomorrow.

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Tomorrow we will dinner in hell

I want to warn some people that are relax and enjoying the buy the dips scheme to be carefull in the next few days. Market is very heavy and the so called secret weapon plan from Europe was nothing more than what USA done last year, that lead to super debt. The so called plan in nothing more than a disgusting keynesian plan that is trying to solve a debt problem with more debt... we all know what this will lead us. Bankrupcy of course, because Ponzi Schemes are Ponzi Schemes, and they all end bad, period.

Forex is telling a lot about the plan and about what politicians are doing, blaming the speculator, but the speculators are the politicians, that are gambling with our money, throwing it to the air, praying for something good to happen. Big time BS...

Gold and Silver are too telling the same story, and i present a silver chart, that i think is on the verge of explode... compare the GLD chart and SLV chart and voila.

Now the indexes, today were testing the 55 and 21 EMA and was an awesome opportunity to short, because next time, i guess tomorrow, that we will break 1140... we will dinner in hell.

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Update - 11-05-2010

Here in Europe politicians are tottaly insane. Almost 1 trillian euros for jerking around? haha. Only on the politicians heads you fight debt with extra extreme debt. They are tottaly insane and by these path euro zone will be destroyed in a few years.

Who tha hell gave permission for politicians toying with our money? When they destroy this money what are they gonna do? Stop this madness.

ECB Pulls Bazooka... Did They Shoot THEMSELVES?

The ECB Learned Nothing From Us

Technical speaking markets were due for a rebound and what a rebound... Glad that during the weekend liquidity is your best friend. Now we are overbought again near the 1150 spot, and these is an important level of support. Last week the lost of these value lead to a nice crash.

EUR_USD is very dangerous and developing a very bearish pattern.

Weekend up - The bear is back and hungry

What a week... but we were expecting this for sometime. That was nothing new, but simple a result of all what was done by politicians and their fellow friends with taxpayer money. They tryied to reflate the credit bubble, using keysenian economics, and the result is the implosion that is starting now. The 10 minute crash was just a little show of what will happening from now on until the system clears all the ficticious assets and people that exists in the system. Analysts payed big time have no idea what is going on. The system is rewarding who don´t give a damn or really study the markets or economics, because they have friends in high places and thinks that them will always save their buts, but... not anymore. Something changed and the change, if you don´t adapt and protect yourself is going to be bad.

Sometime ago in this blog i told you what was going to happen, because what we are seeing now is only the application of the rule. We can´t print phantom money from air, producing nothing and expect that magically things will go our way. That can´t be done, and with politicians even less.

There are a saying that i shared with you and will share again:
"‘There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.’ – Ludwig von Mises"

I see people looking to buy bonds from Greece @ 65% GAMBLING with luck. I see no fear and a huge buying opportunity, but they are wrong. Don´t follow that people, study true economics and true Technical Analysis. Now with interne we have access too lot´s of blogs with true meaning. I have a couple of them in my blogroll.

this would happen and now what? For me is the start of the system deleveraging, forced by the market. European Union will fight speculators... HA HA HA HA what a morons. What are the speculators? Speculators are the politicians and other alike that are TROWING MONEY @ the system praying that will do any good. THEY ARE PLAYING WITH YOUR MONEY, THEY ARE THE SPECULATORS... If politicians want to do any good resigns itselfs. Do a favour to the markets and resign, give people free choice and don´t tell them that credit is good, credit is the only way... stop inflating prices so people borrow more, LET THE PRICES ADJUST TO OUR MEANS.

Please be carefull in this rigged market, don´t buy risky assets, protect yourselfs because in some years from now really good oportunities will present themselves. And traders, let´s enjoy huge volatility from now on.

I told some investment banks friends last year to sell everything in Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Uk, etc, etc, because i was seeing those economies would fail, has the keynesian model is a total failure, but they didin´t listen and kept buying because government was in charge and control... Now they are afraid and should be because THIS PONZI SCHEME Is rolling over and will fail. The world is full of Madoff´s, and they are about to be exposed by the markets itselves. I was sad because people like me that tell the truth and were seeing this miles ago and trying to show what would happen and is happening were not listen and ridicularized. But i sense that now more people are opening their eyes and studying true economics (less government and much more private sector) and telling each other enough is enough.

I will put some charts where we can see VIX EXPLODING above huge resistance levels and my road map for S&P500. You can also listen directy from USA pits what happened ( And please don´t believe in the BS of government telling you that someone push the wrong button. Enough of lies i say, that mini crash was seeing miles away from me and other, and a weeks ago i told people to buy Volatility.

Have a nice weekend and welcome to the forced deleverage. Welcome to a new world. Study and open your eyes and mind.

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Intraday update - Nasdaq100

Nasdaq100 is breaking a H&S pattern, extreme volatility on the market and weekend ahead. Carefull in this market.

What happened? Robots short circuit

In the afternoon here in Europe i started felling the market strange, with no strenght, so i had created a post about this and for betting on the short side. Surprise surprise... market crashed.

Now the explanation is tottaly idiot, and hope no one believe it (human error) Human error alright, but an error by politicians and their keynesian world of fairytales. The true cause was about the robots, and HFT, good article about this.

Now what? My guess is that with this fall we just started the next phase of bear market, where 2008 was a day in the park, compliments for all the governments that bankrupt the system, with their briliant ideas.

Nasdaq100 curious that 2060 was the inversion point and the start of the fall and 1712 was a support in January of this year.

Some good reading, about this crazy day that will be remembered. But in these new bear market, more volatile days will happen and with falls more intense.

Rebound short term ended? Return of the falling knife

It seems that the rebound was less that i was expecting. This is all too weak and the fear in uppon the air. EUR_USD keeps falling which is bad for USA economy.

Update - Short term upside?

Update - Diamond formation - 04-05-2010

For now the pattern is rolling and has a target in the 1150 zone. Let´s see tomorrow what will happen.

Update - Diamond formation - 03-05-2010

Monday and besides first monday of the month was bullish, but... it seems a little bit forced. My guess is that some distribution took places and the rest of the week we will resume downtrend.

Red Alert - Diamond Pattern S&P500

Carefull on the called bulish monday. It may be everything less bullish. Look @ these pattern developing.

Update charts - 01-05-2010

Next week my guess is that will be a down week. S&P500 is doing a pattern similar to the one in January that lead to a good correction. Nasdaq100 has we can see on the chart, is doing a nice H&S formation, that has a target on 1940. But, i think we will see much lower levels, due to the extreme crazyness on the market participants, extremely bullish with such a mess all around. Seasonaly we have sell in may and go away... Nothing helps this bull, tired bull, supported by lies and printing presses.

Have a nice weekend.

Support 35% lower... Ups.

Peter Schiff : The Debt is growing faster than the Economy

Peter Schiff : The Debt is growing faster than the Economy